Past Events

02 Jun, 2019

Shatin Racecourse


HKU Race Day 2019

HKU Race day 2019 (UHall horse racing day) was taken place on 2 June 2019 at Shatin Jockey club. Thank you again our distinguished alumni Dr John Chan to arrange such fantastic venue for this special event of HKU and join our young alumni together!

Video snapshot during prize presentation after race 4, "University Hall Handicap"

For more photos and sharing please visit our Facebook Group (alumni only).


Golf Day 2019

The 2019 UHall Alumni Golf Day was happily held on 22 May at the Clearwater Bay Golf Club. 24 alumni graduated from 60s to 00s participated in the event & enjoyed the brotherhood through teamwork. Congratulation to Dr Danny Tsoi & his winning team, Dr Leung To Wai, Alex Suen & Eric Leung. Thanks Harris Chan for organizing a wonderful & delicious dinner.


Baisan and Reunion Dinner 2019

This is a Uhall traditional "Baisan" event held by Sam So and then Rachel (Sam So's daughter), to wish all Uhall currents good healthy and strong pass (勁過) near Chinese New Year, then followed by a "Pun Choi" reunion dinner.

We are grateful to see this tradition goes on with a success to have gathered more than 100 Uhall currents and alumni from generations across 60 years!

During the dinner, we were also happy to announce the first winner of Sam So Cup to praise the one who had contribution in bringing peace and harmony to Uhall in the last year, elected by Uhall currents. Congratuations Abdul Khaleed!

With the well establishment of Archive Room (Room A15), many alumni had initiated to donate the old physical photo copies and publications to Uhall and maintain the memories for all of us. Credits to our alumni for the contributions, as well as Uhall brother Coleman who made great efforts to maintain and sort the precious materials.

Last but not least, we are honoured to have Rachel to continue Uhall's tradition and all alumni who come back and share your memory in Uhall. Let's Re-U again next year!


Sports Day 2019

U Hall Alumni Annual Sports Day was held on 13 Jan 2019 at Clear Water Bay Golf and Country Club Marina.

05 Sep, 2018

New Board of Directors of University Hall Alumni Limited 2018-19

The Annual General Meeting for the year of 2017-18 was successfully held on 5th September 2018 at the Chinese Club.The Board of Directors for 2018-19 has been elected as follows:


Dr. LAM Chor-yin 林楚賢 (MBBS 1993)

Vice Chairman

Mr. LEUNG Ka-yan, Eric 梁家仁 (BSc 2000)

Mr. WONG Ho-ming 黃浩銘 (BEng 2006)

Hon Secretary

Mr. TANG Yat-long, Laurence 鄧日朗 (BSocSc 2014)

Hon Treasurer

Mr. SHEK Ming-san, Samuel 石銘燊 (BFin 2012)

Directors (in alphabetical order)

Mr. CHAN Tin-lok, Timophy

Mr. KWONG Cho-yan, Simon

Mr. LI Man-wai, Jeremy 李文偉 (BEcon&Fin 2007)

Mr. LI Siu-kong, Ken 李兆剛 (BSc 2000)

Mr. SIT Loi-keung, Ken

Mr. SUEN Ka-po, Alex 孫嘉寶 (BSocSc 1996)

Mr. SHIH Chi-san, Michael 施志新 (BSocSc 2004)

Mr. TANG Chi-kin, Alec 鄧志堅 (BEng(EEE) 2001)

Mr. YAN Chi-ming 甄子明 (BScEng 1976; DipManStud 1983; MBA 1985)

Dr. YAU Wah-hon 游華漢 (MBBS 1996)

The Immediate Past Chairman Mr. Cheung Tat-tong, JP 張達棠 (BSc(QS) 1985) and former Director, Uhall warden Dr. LAU Ying-kei, Henry 劉應機 would remain on the Board as advisers.