"Bai Sun" and CNY Dinner

On 18 Feb 2023, the University Hall Students' Association (UHSA) held the traditional "Bai Sun" (拜神) event and Chinese New Year dinner at Hall. "Bai Sun" started first in the afternoon with Sam So's (三嫂) daughter, Rachel, leading current hallmates and alumni in paying tribute to deities and making best wishes for our U-Hall family. Next, the group enjoyed a sumptuous "poon choi" (盤菜) dinner with loud cheers and laughter circling the Dining Hall. In addition to Rachel, the joyous occasion was graced by revered guests such as retired hall staff who served the Hall tirelessly for decades. The evening ended with the new UHSA cabinet introducing themselves to the alumni (over 40 in numbers) and promising to take U-Hall to new heights. We have every confidence that they will do so with our support!